March 3, 2012.

Well, we're taking the plunge. With Eric a few years away from turning 50 (ha-ha!), and Charie refusing to divulge her age (37!), it's probably time.

Getting married later in life has both pros and cons. For one, a good thing is since you're older, you're more established career-wise and can afford a wedding (yeah, we wish!). For another, you have a clearer idea of what you want and know your spending priorities (down payment on a house or on the very necessary M3!!). A negative is the "go forth and multiply" issue. You don't want to be of retiring age while your kid is still in middle school, right?

But whatever, we're doing it! Watch us fumble our way through this wedding planning thingie! We're excited, and doubly so because we're crossing hemispheres and time zones and continents just to get this going!  (And it did end up getting and going.  The 3 minute video summary of 365 days of planning is below)

OK, indulge our vanity for a little bit more.  Preps, pictorials, portraits, church, and reception pictures are about to overflow.  Here's 130 shots out of the 7,000+ taken that day.
We're planning from half a world away.  Please do your share in minimizing Eric's high blood pressure by replying before November 3, 2011.  Click on the link below to send your RSVP.
We're sealing the deal over at Holy Rosary Church in Boracay.  We don't want a beach ceremony,  and this   is the only Catholic Church
Our Story
Both of us are allergic to all things cute. So we're sparing you all the gory details of how we met and how we fell in love (yuck, haha.) Suffice it to say that *it* happened, and the closest comparison would be like when you go to a gasoline station ("Fill 'er up. Regular. Cash"). There- done deal. Moving on then..

Eric's proposal was just as brief and direct to the point. We drove up a New Brunswick rooftop parking deck overlooking St. Peter's Church (which Eric visits probably once every two, maybe three years). Eric just had to pick one of the coldest ever nights known to New Jersey history, so when he asked, she answered. Took all of two minutes, maybe less.

There was no romantic music playing in the background. No wintry snowy backdrop. No candlelit dinner conveniently waiting. And yes, no fireworks behind us. It was just the way we liked it. After that, we went back to the condo and ate dumplings.



We're celebrating over at Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa. We fell in love with this place when   we   visited  it  in March 2011.
1. Why Boracay?
The first choice was really Coron, Palawan. Our last vacation there left us so impressed with its unspoilt beauty, majestic limestones, clear blue waters, and all the other 101 Travel and Leisure magazine cliches.  
Here's our list of vendors pulled together and gathered from referrals, untiring Google searches, and the like.

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