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a glimpse into bobongpinoy.com ---

unimaginative black background..

white comic sans font to match whatever amount of excitement the black background generated..


very minimal to none graphics..

and the content in each link- a lone voice calling out to whoever wanted to listen. he didn't have a name then. in the guestbooks, one enterprising reader bestowed the name Bob Ong upon him. biting, taking the shortest way possible into your senses- the guy assaulted his readers. the effect was fast, shocking, lasting, and addicting.

slowly, a following was born. the fan base became unruly- demanding their webmaster to update his site regularly. being what he is, Bob Ong of course never complied. the natives became all the more hungry for his brand of reading. the first philippine webby awards was launched. the little unknown site went home with an award.

in time, his cult followers banded together. the second webbys saw them engaging in massive cheating and vote buying just for the site to land the plum award. in the face of giant competitors pldt.com and pm junior's site, the still underground bobongpinoy was a force to reckon with.

UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMOR #1: bob ong was there at hard rock cafe when bobongpinoy was given its second webby trophy.

a bevy of launches came- chatroom, two mailing groups, free bobongpinoy.com emails..

in my mind, the decline happened when the site underwent a facelift. black background gave way to white. bob ong opened the doors to guest writers. bob ong grew up..

the updates happened less frequently. with much too few and far between happenings in the site, the group dwindled, dawdled, and disbanded. the site and domain bobongpinoy.com was no more.
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