I am not Bob Ong and this is not a BobongPinoy.com wannabee site. I was just a regular reader of BP when it started on the Internet some several years ago. When BP closed down and BO branched out to writing books, I wanted in on the fun too. But being in the US, I really had no easy access to his work. Well, to make a long story short- after a few rekindling of ties, new introductions, and some extra push from an all-knowing hand, BobOngBooks.com finally forced itself into being. This site, then, is for all of us clueless BP'ers in North America. Easy access to Bob's books means our toilet-reading choices just got upgraded. For the excited to jump right in, there are the forums. For those needing hand-holding, there are the FAQs. And for those who can't wait to get a taste of Bob Ong, come right in and head for the books. That's Bob Ong books.
1. What is this website?
This place is where US residents can order Bob Ong's books the faster, easier, and cheaper way. Before BobOngBooks.com, I had to rely on either having relatives in the Philippines buy me copies or ordering through another online store only to get hit with exorbitant shipping charges- not to mention a horrendous two-week wait.          
Catch a sighting or two of THE REAL BOB ONG.  It wouldn't be fair to divulge what id he uses in the forums (magdangal), so go be your own sleuth..
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We've crossed the Atlantic!  Your pounds sterling are welcome here.



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We're all Bob Ong believers in here. But every so often, this site will feature books by other authors. The Featured Book of the Moment is indeed a Wonderment. If you like Bob Ong, I don't foresee a disappointment with Carlo Vergara.  
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  4. Alamat ng Gubat
  5. Stainless Longganisa
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